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Buttoned by my dog in my room

Gay guy hooked up the ass by a dogMy black dog buttoned left me in my bed, is a mongrel that my parents gave me recently, I had never tried before bestiality but when my dog invaded my ass I have to confess that I really liked, and although I’ve had more dogs this has been the only one with whom I have had the animal sex, if he had heard talk about sex with animals even I have friends who have proven their pets make them a blowjob and the truth is that the idea appealed to me but had not yet had the opportunity to try.

I’m a gay guy and did not want to settle my dog suck my dick, and I was going to throw bestiality wanted to go further, I want my dog made me a good insight, let me well because he nailed cock had seen my dog when I was spliced and the truth is that my pooch is well equipped, had an impressive bar, and finally when I had the chance I wanted to leave recorded important moment for me.

Today I want to share the images that I recorded with my camera this time, I will mention that everything went swimmingly, that day was home alone, my parents had gone out and would be quite time out and so it was the ideal time, I took my dog to my room and although we were alone closed the door with the latch in case someone appeared unexpectedly, I put on my bed on all fours and my pet was ready to push his tail in the ass, we were some time to who managed to firmly his cock into my rectum because it is not so easy, you have to adapt to take the best position, but when we finally got it, I was filled with happiness, bestiality with my dog was even better than I imagined, first my pet pumped me for a few minutes and then we were stuck another time, orgasm that made me feel my dog was the best thing that ever happened to me.

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