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I record my mother when is buttoned by my dog

My mother fuck with an animal in front of meI made my first video of bestiality with my mom and my dog. My mother and I have very good relationship, to me she is my best friend and we are very confident to tell us everything, recently one of the things my mother told me he likes having sex with animals, particularly with my pet, a very mischievous dog that makes him delight to my mom when feel like sex, as she told me had never enjoyed both penetration as it does with my dog.

When she told me I was very intrigued to see how they did, I asked my mother if I would see how it was fucked up the pooch, she told me that of course I do, I became overjoyed but still wanted more and I also asked if I would record it with my camera and returned to say yes, could not contain my happiness, I never thought I’d see something like animal sex live with my mom and above could film it.

And the long-awaited day arrived, my mother announced she was very excited and it was time to fuck with the dog so I prepared my camera and I started to record it all, my mother had dressed sexy with a very short skirt without nothing inside under clothes, then called the dog already knew what he was because he became very nervous and agitated room, my mom was sitting on the couch and the dog jumped around her trying to mount it and trying to put his tongue in pussy of my mother, then she withdrew it because he liked doing rage, but soon she got on all fours on the floor and the puppy was quickly covered it up behind him and slammed all the pole in the hole of my mother wetback giving some good pushing until the left hooked, as I enjoyed my mother being fucked by a dog.

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