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My boyfriend forces me to fuck with the dog

I have a very sadistic boyfriend, he is a disturbed person who always asks me very strange things in sex, once he asked me to make a trio with him and his brother, but the last thing he asked me is even worse, my boyfriend demanded that I fuck with the dog, I wanted him […]

My girlfriend has fun fucking the dog

I have a girlfriend who does not waste time, if she wants to fuck and I’m not around, she ventures fucking the dog, she says I should not complain, because it would be worse if I cheated on another man, but the truth is that that explanation does not make me feel better, because I’ve […]

My girlfriend makes wild sexual parties with animals

I have a girlfriend who is very liberal, so much that she is always open to any new experience in sex, the last thing she has tried is bestiality, many may seem like something very hardcore to her, but for my girl it’s a way like any other enjoy sex, and whenever it is done […]

Catches the whore of his girlfriend fucking with the dog

My girlfriend’s slut does not hide in the least when she practices bestiality with the dog, it has been a mere coincidence that I have not discovered her before, because the very bitch gets to fuck with the dog in our own bed, now I understand the interest she put in coming to live with […]

Girl doing threesome with pet and her boyfriend

This is an xxx amateur video of a young couple who does a threesome with the dog, the girl who participates together with her boyfriend and the pet, receives both fucks of the two, the animal enters the cock in the vagina, and the boyfriend on the other hand it is put to her by […]

My girl enjoys orgasm when she fucks dogs

My girl is a very faithful and loving woman, but she has a weakness, and is that she can not avoid fucking dogs, she has been practicing bestiality with these furry animals for two years, one day she tried it by chance when after a shower her pet sucked her pussy and since then she […]

My girlfriend loves to fuck dogs

I have to say that I have a very beautiful Latina girlfriend, and she is a very good girl, but she has a hobby that I do not like so much, although I have no choice but to accept her, and my girlfriend is a zoophilic lover. fuck with dogs and she told me that […]

My girl is heated with horse

My girlfriend is enthusiastic about a good horse cock, especially in winter so cold and it serves to warm, or at least that tells me when I blame that long ago love with the stallion, is when my girl asks me understanding that says it is the only way to spend the winter, although I’m […]

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